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    If I want to count the number of times that a Hebrew verb is used in Qal, Niphal, Piel, Pual, etc, how can I do that? For instance, I'm looking at "aman" (to trust, believe) in Gen 15:6 - I want to see how many times that it's used in each stem.

    Doing it manually yields (assuming I did it correctly; I just started Hebrew last August) -

    Qal - 8x
    Niph - 46x
    Hiph - 51x

    But this is me doing several different searches and recording the stats on my own - aman in qal; aman in niphal; aman in piel, etc. I'd much rather run one search and then be able to filter it as I'd like.

    Is there a quicker way to grab these stats? The "Detailed Stats" window only displays stats relating to word frequency, but not stem frequency. I still have BW7, btw.


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