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Thread: BW CMD object and Word Macros

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    Question BW CMD object and Word Macros

    Has anyone successfully used the CMD object in macros? I am trying to do some programming in Word 2013. I am having a issue with BW6 not updating the search version and it returns all the display versions when I call on it to bring back a specific text. I thought I would try this cmd object to clear the version display (d c) like you would in the power user mode on the command line, but it doesn't seem to work. I can't find any reference to the CMD object in the manual either. The CMD object shows up in the VBA object browser.

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    Default Answer Found

    I solved my own problem and thought I would post the solution. I added the following code to my macro:
    Bwobj.SetVersions ("display clear"). I included it after I called the version I wanted to search. It worked: no more multiple version were returned.
    Thank the Lord I stumbled upon it.

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    Default CMD Didn't work

    I never did get the CMD object to work.

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