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Thread: Frequencies of Hebrew Noun Patterns (Mishqalim)

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    Default Frequencies of Hebrew Noun Patterns (Mishqalim)

    Hi friends,

    Here's an interesting question.

    I'm using BW8.

    The Word List Manager is great for finding the frequency of each noun in a given corpus. But I would like to take things a step further. How could I produce some sort of "Noun-pattern List Manager," something that would tell me how often each mishqal is used in a given range of verses? So the output for Kings should be something like

    ספר-pattern 1693 times
    שם-pattern 547 times

    and so on.

    I have grouped the nominal lexemes in the HB into several hundred patterns. How can I set things up so that BW will give me a list of the frequencies with which each pattern occurs in whatever book I choose?

    I guess the larger question is how to find the frequencies of groups of lexemes rather than individual lexemes. For instance, if I divided all of the lexemes in the HB into building terms, household terms, political terms, etc., how could I generate a list of how often each type of term occurs in a given section of the HB?

    Thanks for the input!

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