It is nearly tax time here in Australia (June 30), and so after debating with myself for a long time, I finally upgraded to BW9.

First of all, I would like to say a big "thanks" to the BW staff. I ordered BW9 on May 15, and it was sent out the same day. I was able to "track" the order and it went to a couple of places in Virginia - Kentucky - Anchorage, Alaska, Hong Kong, Singapore, and arrived here in Perth on May 19. Being a Sunday, I received it yesterday, May 20. That isn't bad. Half way around the world in 5 days - and that is with one day lost due to the International Date Line. Again, many thanks BW Staff!

What I like so far:

Naturally, I haven't even had BW9 for 24 hours, but some aspects I like so far are:

  • The fourth column. To be able to have Search, Browse, Analysis - and now verse, MSS, Use, etc at the same time. Not quite "like heaven", but it is pretty good.
  • "Use" tab. This is simply great. To be able to see all of the use of a particular word - without doing another search is such a time saver. I particularly like the way that you can view "use" in only the book - or in the entire version. This allows me to see how Paul uses a word in 2 Corinthians (my current preaching), without having to scroll through everything else as well. Of course, if there could one day be an option to show how Paul (or John, Peter, Luke, etc) uses a word in all of his letters, that would be extremely helpful.
  • The "interlinear view" on BGM. I like several things about this:
    • It is a space saver. There were times when the previous view took up a great deal of room, and it was sometimes difficult to find the exact word I was searching for.
    • Being able to see the word in the text, lexical form, parsing code in the interlinear format, is visually more appealing and comprehensible (for me, anyway). (Any chance of the WTM? - Greedy, aren't I)

  • The CNTTS Apparatus. I could go on for ever, but I won't. It is like trying to explain how great a color TV set is to a person who has only ever had black & white.

These are just a few things, and I have barely scratched the surface of the features of BW9.

I just wish I had taken the plunge earlier.