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Thread: W​TT(with cantillation) ---> MS-Word error

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    Default W​TT(with cantillation) ---> MS-Word error

    when copy-and-paste W​TT(with cantillation) into MS-Word in unicode, Sinnorit would mistakenly become Azla

    ​take Ps 90:2 for example, ​the browser window displays correctly(Sinnorit) :

    but when i copy-and-paste from the browser window into MS-Word, it becomes(Azla):

    בְּטֶ֤רֶם׀ הָ֨רִ֤ים

    ​Same issue goes with Ps 90:10 etc.

    I reported this problem back to BW, and they told me they have fixed it for BW9, but they will not fix it for BW8

    does anyone run into same issue before ?


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    [NOTE: See added material at bottom of post]

    Dear Andley,

    Thank you for notifying us concerning the Hebrew Unicode export problem with two Hebrew accents. The problem has been fixed in BibleWorks 9 via an update that can be obtained using the BibleWorks Updater. The problem you identified only concerns the Unicode export, and is not a problem when using the native BibleWorks Hebrew font (Bwhebb), and does not affect the display of Hebrew in the program.

    As was mentioned to you in the two email messages that were sent to you, BibleWorks is only able to fix crash bugs and provide, as much as possible, the ability to run the older versions of BibleWorks on newer versions of Windows. BibleWorks is unable to continue to fix database errors and program bugs in older versions of BibleWorks, or else we would never be able to devote developers to developing new versions of BibleWorks.

    BibleWorks is a rarity in the software world in this regard. Most software companies do not provide repairs of any kind to older versions of their software, even for crash bugs or to enable the program to function on newer versions of the operating system. BibleWorks has provided crash bug fixes for older versions of the software, and provides patches and instructiosn for running all versions of BibleWorks back to version 5 on Windows 7 and 8. (BibleWorks 5 came out in 2001, so BibleWorks has worked to enable users to use software that was developed 12 years ago!)

    I am sorry that the repair was not made retroactive to your older version of BibleWorks. When we investigated the problem, we did not realize at the time that you were on BibleWorks 8 or we could have told you up-front that any fix would not be retroactive to BibleWorks 8. We have made exceptions in certain cases, but if you are seeking an exception, the proper way to ask for this is not by posting on the forums. BibleWorks staff do not always read the forum posts. I do not know if any exception will be made. I will ask on your behalf, although I cannot guarantee that it will come to pass.

    Added: Our lead programmer was able to add the fix to the BibleWorks 8 code, and has posted an update to BibleWorks 8 to fix the Hebrew Unicode export problem for the two accents. The update can be obtained via the BibleWorks Updater, which can be acccessed from the "Help" menu. Please consider this to be an exception, not the norm. In most cases we will not be able to make bug fixes and database corrections retroactive to previous versions of BibleWorks.

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    Dear Glenn, thanks for the articulation and the effort of the team to make it an exception. God bless, -Andley.

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