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Thread: How to Limit Searches to Selections of Text below the Level of the Verse

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    Default How to Limit Searches to Selections of Text below the Level of the Verse

    Hi friends,

    I'm new to BibleWorks.

    I'm trying to customize my searches so that they are done to only certain selections that I have chosen within a book. In particular, I want to search only the words in the WTM book of Kings that I consider to be "direct discourse." As far as I can tell, the "Set Search Limits" option is incapable of doing this, because it can limit your search only by verse ranges; it can't limit the search to, say, the first three words in one verse and the last three in another.

    An example might help. The first verse in Kings contains no direct discourse. The first three words in 1 Ki 1:2 are also not direct discourse (ויאמרו לו עבדיו). But then the last 16 words in that verse are direct discourse. I want to run a search that deals with only the words that are direct discourse within each verse, like those last 16 words in 1 Ki 1:2. Simply limiting the search to 1 Ki 1:2 would not be specific enough for my purposes, because I need to exclude the first three words in the verse.

    I'm prepared to go through and manually highlight all direct discourse in the book of Kings, if there is a way to limit my searches to the text that I will highlight. But I need to know if there is a way.

    All input is welcome.


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    BW is pretty much verse-centric. You can create your own ranges (e.g., for the NT, I have a so-called "Q" document range), but everything is by verse.
    The only thing I can think of is if you create your own database using the existing text and editing out all the non-discourse parts. Then you would be able to search on that database. Tedious work to create, but doable.
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