Hi, this question is probably easy, but I'm a bit lost.

As I'm going to study a lot the OT for my doctoral thesis, I will have to go through text criticism, with the critical apparatus of the BHS. Now, in Bibleworks with databases WTT and WTM, I only get the text of the BHS ; how could I create new databases that would not present the official BHS text, but my modified text after text criticism ?

I know that it's possible to "export" a database, then to modify it, then to compile again... But there are so many options I'm a bit lost. Which format should I choose for export ? (BBW, CCAT, RTF...?) Should it be a text-only file or is RTF possible ? Is it possible to modify the text in "hebrew font" mode, or should I learn the encoding and modify the text like in Ascii mode (which looks awfully like "reading the Matrix" !)

PS : I'm using Bibleworks 8

Thanks for your help and advices !