I am wondering about the possibilities of doing an online seminar about BibleWorks. I feel like there is so much more to learn about this software that I use, but I live to far or am always busy when I look at the dates that the actual seminars are being offered. I would love BW staff to run one, but, I also understand that they are busy like me and have other things, like the real seminars to run. That being said, I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in doing it, I am game for whatever your interest are. My biggest struggle is with the GSE, hands down, it could be run through Google Hangout which allows up to ten people to be in the communication, while at the same time, it can be live streamed through youtube. Which would also be nice sense after the fact it puts the video of the chat there as well. It offers share screen, so that shouldn't be an issue. Anyway, just wanted to pose the questions.

Oh, and before someone else says it, the BW videos are great, but there is no comparison to being able to ask questions as I go through it with someone.