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Thread: BW loosing out to competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBushell View Post
    It puzzles me that you felt the compulsion to do this now, as a sort of a parting shot.

    Mike Bushell

    I get the feeling that Magavara's comments were a bump and run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sansom48 View Post
    I guess what I am saying is that yes, BW has a complicated interface, but it is like that for a reason, and any professional exegete that is looking for software will be looking for what they can actually accomplish with software for a reasonable price. I find the interface not very user friendly at first but very practical once it is learned.
    I think what you are saying makes a lot of sense.
    Brian K. Mitchell
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    In agreement with Michael Hanel and Sansom48: It reminds of the owner of a business (maybe a print shop) who put on their card, "Speed. Quality. Price. Pick any two."
    David Rensberger
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    Default Logos vs. BW - that's IT!!

    I've worked and worked at this, and finally (feel like I) came up with a concise way of comparing and contrasting Logos and BW.

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    I've tried to explain the difference to my students like this:
    BibleWorks starts with the biblical text and extends outwards to all sorts of related resources (text critical matters, translations, lexicons, grammars...)
    Logos is a library management system that looks deeply into texts, including the Bible, and provides the connections between all the books in your library.
    (And Accordance is kind of in between but with an inclination to start w/ biblical text.)
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