Although BW 9 is my main biblical software, I still have many essential tools on Libronix Logos: HALOT (I do not want to buy three versions: print, Logos, BW), DDD, a better version of Brown Driver Briggs, Anchor Bible Dictionary, Hebrew and Canaanite inscriptions, Greek Pseudepigrapha. So when I study a lemma or phrase in BW9, I would like to also be able to easily refer to Libronix, which I generall yfind cumbersome to use. On Logos, I grouped together all the books I want to refer to into a group folder called MY_HEBREW_Bible. Now how to I set up ERMIE so I can check these works. For example, I might want to see all references to a passage, say Genesis 2:8; or to a Hebrew lemma, say <amal. How do I set that up? I found the new folder MY_HEBREW_Bible on my computer under Libronix. But clearly I have to have Logos open these files.

I think it would help Logos to provide easily filled-in templates for setting up just such links to popular software such as Logos.

Michael Dick