As an illiterate in Greek I have found Jim Darlack's GRT (via The Bibleworks Blog) very handy.

I finally got around to tinkering with it and have produced for myself GRT2. I made the following changes:
  1. un-italicized the text.
    This means that the single and double square brackets show up properly.
  2. reduced the font size by 1 (12 to 11) so that it displays roughly the same number of words on a line as BGT does.
  3. GRT has three square brackets where BGT has parentheses; replaced them with parenthises ().

Change 1 has a bonus advantage of allowing the user to find all BGT verses with single or double square brackets by using Regular Expression searches on the command line.

Note: in the OT square brackets are most commonly used to indicate alternative versification (for example, Est 1:1), in Ode it is frequently used to mark a title (for example Ode 2:1).

I compiled it in both BW9 and BW7; it appears to display OK in both versions of BW.
If anyone is interested I would be happy to make the files available to the BibleWorks Blog. Probably the compiled files from BW7 would be best, since they should be upward compatible.