BibleWorks is pleased to announce a most useful device for the busy pastor and seminarian, the BibleWorks Bifocals. The BibleWorks Bifocals are a set of standard glasses frames that contain a miniature display of a full-featured BibleWorks. In place of a keyboard is an easy-to-use voice activation system for running BibleWorks commands. The BW Bifocals is powered by a single 371 watch battery, with a solar panel for power on sunny days. The ability to synchronize with BibleWorks on a laptop is accomplished through a Mini-B USB port.

The benefits of this exciting new device are extensive. You can study the Bible while walking down the street, riding a subway, or driving a car. (Sentence diagrams are disabled in the BW Bifocals so as not to be confused with maps on a GPS unit.) Imagine the benefits for classroom instruction! For example, the professor can proclaim to the class "BW Bifocals, ESV search 'hope'", and every student would see the same search results on their BW Bifocals!

This attractive device is expected to be available on April 1, 2014. Prescription and sunglasses versions will become available at a later date.