How can I get a list of all the Hebrew verbal roots that occur with a particular parsing, listing the number of occurrences for each root, BUT separated by homonym?

I get everything except the homonym separation by doing the following:

.*@vp* (to get all piel verbs, for example)
Then in the "words" tab --> "wildcard expansion of command line", I get all of the verbal roots, with the number of occurrences, but it combines homonyms.

Is there any automated way to get the exact same list, but separated by homonym? So in the Piel example, instead of DBR having only one entry with 1092 hits, there would be three entries DBR-1 (to drive away) with 6 hits, DBR-2 (to speak) with 1085 hits, andf DBR-3 (to have descendants) with 1 hit. And so on for every root that occurs with that parsing.

I can do that manually, but it requires running separate searches for each homonym of each root that shows up in the initial search.