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Thread: 2013-03-19 Test .dmg available

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    Default 2013-03-19 Test .dmg available

    Hello Friends,

    We have a new .dmg installer for the Mac Public Preview which fixes the following bugs:

    • Hebrew in RTF, HTML controls:
      • a) Unicode Hebrew vowel points and accents not aligned with consonants in all RTF controls, and all HTML controls (e.g. all CHMs, Daily Light, Editor, Notes, PMT, RVT, Verse Tab, Mss HTML Viewer). See also NET bible CHM in gen 1:1;
      • b) highlighted Hebrew words are displayed out of order;
      • c) English verse reference displayed out of order (See Phrase Matching Tool using WTM, Gen 1:1).
      • d) Help | Daily Light | Greek/Hebrew: All of the September entries have garbage for the first (last) Hebrew word.
      • e) Also the Hebrew vowel pointing is not correctly aligned;
      • f) Garbaged char in NET Hos 1:4, fn 19.
      • g) Selecting mixed English and Hebrew blanks out areas of the text
      • h) In the Notes Tab and in the Editor Tab, when Hebrew mode is activated (clicking the aleph button) the font should switch to a Hebrew font (it does) and typing should be entered right-to-left (it does not). Also, when Unicode Hebrew mode is activated (clicking the aleph button with the yellow dot) the font should switch to a Hebrew font (it does) and typing should be entered right-to-left (it does not) in Hebrew (it does not).
      • j) Copying selected search result for WTT from the Search Window to the Editor (notes window) cuts off the first character of the verse when right justified.
      • k) The same thing happens when you hit "return" when the cursor is in the little biblical passage selection window in the Notes Tab toolbar. "Return" pastes the passage into the notes area, but cuts off the first letter of the passage when right justified.
      • L) loading Gen 12:4 into Editor produces garbage character after pressing return at end of paragraph

    • Mss tab: zoom 50%, mousing over a verse reference tag pops up the verse, but the image under the verse popup is not redrawn when the verse disappears. Same redraw problem when menus or context menus are opened over the image area, and when other windows are moved over the image.
    • Printer support: Crashes when called in Editor. (No longer crashes, but printing still does not occur)
    • Commandline morphology helper not forwarding keys to Command Line:
      Example: WTM [ret] .dbr@ || Typing n or p or x should copy the keystroke to the CL. Focus is jumping to the dropdown menu instead of the CL. Same for BGM, SCM, etc.
    • Browse Window: With Verse Tab open, when I clicking that verse up/down button in the Browse window, the Verse Tab does not update until I press it a *second* time (or, it advances the Verse Tab more than one verse). Also in multi-version mode in the Browse Window, the verse up/down button stays DOWN after it is clicked.
    • Search Window crash: BGT search for “.ton”, Click gen 1 1, Wtt, Scroll search results and click Rev 20:10, Crash (msg beep?)
    • Verse Tab: In CNTTS click on link to anchor further down on page, click the left arrow (back) button. Crash. (also note the link had to be clicked twice before registering)

    More fixes are underway, but if you’re interested in testing these changes you can follow the following instructions:

    1. Download the test dmg here:
    2. Run the BibleWorks 9 Mac Public Preview installer.
    3. It will instruct you to drag and copy the BibleWorks package to the OS X Applications folder. Click on the BibleWorks icon in the window and drag it onto the Applications folder in the window. When it say “An item named BibleWorks already exists...” , select Replace.
    4. Once the update is finished installing, close the installer window.
    5. You can run BibleWorks as usual.


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    Installed and appears to be working without issues. Have not had time for more extensive use, but looks good so far. Keep the updates coming.

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    Glad to hear that. The Unicode Hebrew display is a big thing that was fixed (see Daily Light window, Related Verses Tool, Phrase Matching Tool, CHMs, Verse Tab, Editor Tab, Notes Tab). Unfortunately, RTL typing in the Notes & Editor Tab are still not working....

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