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Thread: Verse numbering and linking issues in "Additions" to Esther

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    Default Verse numbering and linking issues in "Additions" to Esther

    I've just discovered some problems in the cross-version linking of the material in the book of Esther that is present in the LXX but not in the MT. The treatment of this in English Bible translations that include the Apocrypha is confusing, to say the least. The NRSV, for instance, translates the entire Greek text of Esther, so that the "additions" can be read in their original contexts, rather than as detached and isolated objects. However, they retain the King James chapter and verse numbering of the "additions," which derives from the Vulgate's placing of them after chapter 10, the end of the Hebrew text. Thus the opening verse of the Greek Esther is numbered 11:2 in NRSV. The numbering continues through 11:12, and then 12:1-6. In LXX, however, this material forms verses 2-18 of chapter 1 of Esther, and in the printed NRSV 11:2-12:6 are printed before 1:1.

    In BibleWorks, NRS Esther is, of course, linked to the Hebrew text (WTT). However, NRS also includes, among the Apocrypha, "Ester (Greek)," i.e., the NRSV rendering of the Greek Esther, including the "Additions." The latter are present in BW as chapters 11-16, appearing (as in the Vulgate) in bulk at the end of the book. That, however, does not reflect what the printed NRSV actually has. Nor do these verses display in connection with the corresponding verses in LXX when using the Browse Window in multi-version mode with NRS and BGT or LXT selected. Moreover, when BGT is selected as the search version, in single-version mode its text appears with the proper LXX numbering, but when one tries to select a chapter and verse using the drop-down menus, only the 10 chapters of MT Esther appear, and the verses go to the English verse numbers, not the LXX ones.

    I hope this is at least somewhat clear. Try it yourself (and budget some time to do it!) to see how it works, or doesn't. I can't imagine it would be easy to straighten this out and appropriately number LXX verses in Esther and link them to English versions such as NRS and NAB that include the "additions." But I hope some way can be sought and found to do this. Anyone trying to study Esther in the Greek as well as the Hebrew form is going to have a difficult time, more difficult than even the confusing situation of the texts requires.
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