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    Thanks very much - worked perfectly

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    Thanks, Morten!!

    In testing it out, I found one further adjustment that needed to be made: the Synopsis tool doesn't know how to process, for instance, Mat 18:15, 21-22 or 14:11, 18:14. The commas are the problem. When I replaced all instances of , with ; followed by the full chapter and verse reference (e.g., Mat 18:15, 21-22 becomes Mat 18:15; 18:21-22 and Luk 14:11, 18:14 becomes Luk 14:11; 18:14), it worked perfectly.

    Also, since there are never more than two columns, only two instances of the desired version are needed in the first /Versions line, e.g., /Versions BGT BGT.

    I've attached the Greek file (which includes an annotation of what I did; all lines beginning with / are considered annotations and not processed by the synopsis). IMPORTANT: Due to the limitations of the forum's file uploading system, I've had to upload the file as .txt instead of .sdf. To make it usable, you simply need to rename it in Windows Explorer, changing the .txt extension to .sdf; or open it in Notepad and save it as .sdf.

    All that needs to be done then to fix the Danish or other language file is to copy the numbered synopsis lines from this file and paste them over the corresponding ones in the Danish, etc., file.
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    Great! Thanks for cleaning it up!

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