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Thread: Paul's gospel must be accepted

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    Paulís gospel must be accepted, it must be believed today, and you can be sure that confusion concerning that gospel through the use of a counterfeit gospel; a gospel that looks so much like Paulís gospel that youíd not know the difference, if you didnít clearly know Paulís gospel, will be Satanís focus in this age of grace.

    One of Satanís purpose in this age of grace is to confuse Paulís gospel with a gospel so nearly to it, and there are many people out there today saying all you have to do is to believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and youíre saved. They believe this in almost every church across the board that Christ died, was buried and rose again, but what do they believe was accomplished by that death, burial and resurrection?

    In their minds, they were separating themselves for God by their sin, and Paul is saying that God has already reconciled you where your sins are concerned. God is reconciled where the sins of the world are concerned, because he imputed those sins to Christ, that all who would believe what he imputed to Christ, that that resolved the sin issue forever, and are now joined to his son and have his righteousness freely counted to them, or imputed to their account.

    Paul called it the ministry of reconciliation, Christ fulfilled the law for us, so we are identified with the righteousness of Christ the moment we take God at his word, obedient to the faith, concerning what Christ accomplished on our behalf. Today our service comes not out of apprehension to any of those things; our service today comes based solely on our appreciation for what Christ has already done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newnature View Post
    Paul’s gospel must be accepted, it must be believed today, and you can be sure that confusion concerning that gospel through the use of a counterfeit gospel; a gospel that looks so much like Paul’s gospel that you’d not know the difference, if you didn’t clearly know Paul’s gospel, will be Satan’s focus in this age of grace. One of Satan’s purpose in this age of grace is to confuse Paul’s gospel
    Sorry, but that is a delusion, there is no superman satan/devil. You can only delude yourself by not reading the scriptures!

    1 Pet. 5, 8, It is exρressly called "the opponent(accuser) (αντιofικofς) of the brethren," See AdVOCATE. The word is found in the plural number and adjective sense in 1 Tim 3, 11; with the articles as a descriptive name, except that in John 6, 70, it is apρlied to Judas (as to Peter in Μatt. 16, 23), because they were doing Satan's work. (On John 11, 31, see Εngelhard's (Commentatio, Εrf 1794; Hane, Schriflerkl. ρ. 51-75; on Heb. 2, 14, Anon. De Diaboflo, Gott 1784; Oestmann, De loco 1 Pet. 5, 8, Gryph.1816).

    The belief of the Hebrews down to the Babylonian exile seems but dimly to have recognized either Satan or demons, at least as a dogmatic tenet, nor had it many occasions for them, since it treated moral evils as a properly humans act (comp. Gen. 3), and always as subjective and concrete, but regarded misfortunes according to teleological axioms, as a punishment deserved on account of sin at the hand of a righteous God, who inflicted it especially by the agency of one of his angels(2 Sam. 24,16; comp. 2 kings xix, 35), and was according looked upon as the proper author of every afflictive disρensation (Amos 3, 64, Apparitions were part of the ρoρular creed : there were beings inimical to mankind inhabiting solitude, but not yet adopted in the association of religious ideas.

    Yet in all this he is as little like the Ahriman of the Zend Aνesta (Rhode, Heil. Sage, p. 182 sq.; Matthai, Religionsgloube d. Apostel, II, i, 171 sq.; Creuzer, Symbol. i. 705) as an indifferent prosecuting attorney general or judicial suρerintendent commissioned by Jehovah.
    Thus the rendering of διαβολος and διαμονιον by the same word 'devil' is a grievous loss ; and it is much to be regretted that Wycliffe's translation of διαμονιον by ' fiend ' was not adopted by Tyndale, in which case it would probably have become the current rendering.
    Cook page.5, 10

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