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Here's a screenshot to show what I mean. It depends, of course, on what section of the synopsis one has open. I'm using just the Aland NRS synopsis here, for simplicity's sake. As you can see, since in the Transfiguration passage the synopsis also includes material from the baptism narrative for each of the synoptic gospels, there are multiple passages in each column, and for some reason the "title" (as I'm calling it) for each column references the last passage, not the first one.
That is because you are looking at the transfiguration synopsis. The readings about the the baptism of our Lord in this case are secondary. So BW is showing you the transfiguration references. If you want to see the baptism references as headings, you have to go to the baptism synopsis, and the readings will be more extensive. There is method to their madness.
Mark Eddy