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Thread: What would you like to see in BibleWorks 10?

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    I'd like to see BW add into the Vocabulary Flashcard Module the option to hear the words read as they appear in Scripture, or at least in the word order of the major manuscripts.

    Thanks to Edward and all the rest. Keep it coming. Please keep it coming.

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    Looks like we got some answers.... BibleWorks 10!
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    WOW! I'm surprised no official announcement here. Just saw this on the web site.
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    Default BibleWorks 10

    Quote Originally Posted by calvary View Post
    WOW! I'm surprised no official announcement here. Just saw this on the web site.
    The official release is Monday and there will be an official announcement here then. Starting the web site early allows us to get the kinks out of the site first. I'm going to close this lengthy thread since it is no longer relevant. Discussion of the release can continue on another thread. We look forward to comments!

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