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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Eddy View Post
    If I understand brainout correctly, you can still go back to the previous verse. Above the command line, to the upper right of the 12 tabs for favorites are two buttons, a left-pointing arrow and a right-pointing arrow. If you click on the left-pointing arrow, your browse window goes to the previous verse you had been looking at, and you can keep going back to previous searches by continuing to click on the button. Then you may click on the right-pointing arrow to go back to the verse you left. My guess is that this is not called the "context" arrow, since most exegetes who hear the word "context" would think of verses surrounding the current verse, not previous verses we had searched. Does this help?
    Mark Eddy
    That function is not really the same. In BW5, you got a drop-down menu where you SAW a full list of the contexts used in the session, and could select among them. Granted, the back and forward buttons above the command line in BW9 are better than nothing, but they are only linear, and don't give you a list to choose from. So if you have a great memory for exactly what path you took, fine. If not, then not so fine. Especially, if you're looking at a LOT of verses.

    I'll go now and look at my BW8, to see if it suffered the same fate. I never used BW8 much, so maybe the context is there. Look: I own three full copies, plus version 4 (version 5 was an upgrade, I think). So I'm not trying to knock BW. I don't even want to live, without BW. Seriously. But were I a scholar or even a pastor (wrong gender, lol), I'd really want to be able to quickly cycle through many verses being compared, while analyzing the text. It's an important feature.
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