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You must have some insider knowledge others don't. I've been using BW since version 7 and there has been no consistent fixed release cycle. We do know there will be a BW10 at some time since Mike B. has already leaked some details of what he's working on for it, but there's no reason to think that there is an imminent release. A good time to release would be around SBL cycles because that gives them a great opportunity to reach a large customer base with great info about the next version. If there were a release imminent, you would hear about it because SBL is coming up in a matter of weeks.
Hi, I am new to these forums and am dreaming about owning BibleWorks. I know this has been talked about before, but I am wondering if there are any indications as to when BW10 will be released. I do not want to buy 9 and then see 10 come out the next week. Does BW announce new releases in advance? Any thoughts you have on this would be helpful. Thanks.