Font Size adjustment has already been mentioned here. I have a few suggestions though.

1. Standard web browsers have the ability to use the Ctrl key to increase and decrease font size on the fly:
  • Ctrl + (actually, Ctrl =) increases font size
  • Ctrl - decreases font size
  • Ctrl 0 (zero) returns font size to default browser setting

It would be handy to see this implemented in BW, so that font size could be expanded on the fly in whatever window is in 'focus'. At present, this works for CHM modules (as a factor of Help File functionalities). It does not work for lexicons, however.

2. Font Size adjustment for the ENTIRE interface (including toolbars, pop-ups, status bar, etc.). This can be accomplished in Windows globally, but it might be good to have some kind of font size change that would be global for BW in general.

3. Comic Sans Greek font.
Just kidding.

The font issue is not a matter of convenience, it is a matter of 'accessibility' for those with limited eyesight.