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Thread: What would you like to see in BibleWorks 10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by basilides View Post
    ...I thought BibleWork's modules were extras, add-ons, add-ins, or whatever they are called, items that could be purchased separately and voluntarily by customers with special interests and needs...

    You, thought right! So, no need for apologies.
    But translations in BibleWorks currently are not, "modules...add-ons, add-ins,..."

    Could, BibleWorks add the NETS as an add-on module?

    Why Doesn't BibleWorks Offer Bible Texts as Extra-Cost Add-on Modules?
    Our company feels that offering Bible texts as extra-cost add-on modules is counterproductive for three main reasons. One is that we want to be positioned as far as possible for charging money for the Word of God itself, and putting all offered Bible texts in the BibleWorks base package is so far our best avenue to accomplish this. The second is that offering Bible texts as modules is more expensive, both for the customer and for us. It’s more expensive for the customer because publishers, having a much lower volume on modules, charge more per module in an attempt to make up the difference. And it’s more expensive for us because the administrative overhead in preparing and licensing individual modules is much greater than that on the prorated administrative cost of having the text in our base package. Those extra module administrative costs would also have to be passed to the customer, driving up customer Bible text module prices still more. The third reason is that customers ordering Bible texts as modules will necessarily order only the few with which they’re familiar and thus lose a chance to become exposed to other texts with which they might have profitably acquainted themselves if browsing had been available. Publishers support us in this, eager to have their texts exposed to a wide audience

    basilides if you and others petition Oxford and there is enough demand maybe Oxford could change their minds and allow BibleWorks to package the NETS Bible with their software at no extra charge. If, you do petition count me in, too.
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