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    Default Suggestions for BibleWorks 10

    I realize that many of these would be impractical due to copyright, but in a perfect world....
    Just off the top of head, my suggestions for BibleWorks 10:

    The New English Bible
    The Revised English Bible
    The Holy Bible: An Improved Edition (this is in public domain)
    Beck's Translation
    Berkeley Version
    New Berkeley Version
    The ESV with Apocrypha ( )
    Ronald Knox Translation
    George Lamsa translation of the Peshitta
    Moffat Translation
    New Century Version
    International Standard Version (
    St. Athanasius Academy Septuagint translation (Old Testament text in the Orthodox Study Bible)
    New World Translation (probably off-limits due to copyright)
    The Holy Bible: An American Translation (Smith & Goodspeed)
    Christian Community Bible translation
    The New Testament: A Simplified Version by Olaf Norlie
    The New Testament by William Barclay
    The New Testament by JB Phillips
    Wuest's Expanded Translation
    Translator's New Testament (British and Foreign Bible Society)
    The New Testament in Modern English (The Centenary Translation) by Helen Montgomery (public domain)
    The New Testament in the Language of the People by Charles B. Williams
    The New Testament (translated by Richard Lattimore)
    The New Testament: Recovery Version
    The New Testament: A New Translation in Plain English (CK. Williams)
    Weymouth's New Testament (public domain)
    Ferrar Fenton translation (public domain)
    Translation for Translators (Deibler)
    Translator's translation (Deibler)

    Greek Texts:
    Novum Testamentum (Merk)
    The Greek New Testament: Being the Text Translated in the New English Bible (1961) edited by RVG Tasker)
    Von Soden's Text (public domain)
    Souter's Text (public domain)
    Tregelles (public domain)
    Wettstein (public domain)
    Griesbach (public domain)
    British and Foreign Bible Society (both first and second editions)
    Selections from the Greek Papyri-Milligan (public domain)
    Here and There among the Papyri (public domain)
    Select Papyri (from the Loeb set)
    Oxyrhynchus papyri (public domain)
    Tebtunis papyri
    Hibeh papyri

    Greek Textual Criticism
    Metzger's Text of the the New Testament
    Encountering the Manuscripts by Comfort
    Scrivener's A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament (public domain)
    A Textual Guide to the Greek New Testament-Omanson

    Greek Grammars
    Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament by Steve Runge
    Prepostions and Theology -Murray Harris
    Richard Young's Intermediate New Testament grammar
    Buttman's Grammar (public domain)
    Dana & Mantey Grammar of the Greek New Testament
    Chamberlain's An Exegetical Grammar of the Greek New Testament
    Moulton Grammar (full grammar, Moulton, Howard, turner)
    Perschbacher's New Testament Greek Syntax
    Porter's Idioms of the Greek New Testament
    Goodwin's Moods and Tenses (public domain)
    Goodwin's Greek Grammar (public domain)
    Robertson and Davis's Intermediate Grammar (1st edition public domain)
    Deissman's Light from ancient Near East (public domain)
    Deismmann" Bible Studies (public domain)
    Dictionary of New Testament Theology by Colin Brown
    Moule's Idiom Book of the Greek New Testament
    Winer's Grammar of New Testament Greek(public domain)
    Syntax of the Greek New Testament-Brooks & Winbery
    A Beginning -Intermediate Grammarof Hellensitic Greek-Funk

    Exegetical Guides
    Linguistic and Exegetical Key-Rreinecker and Rogers/Rogers and Rogers
    A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament-Zerwick and Grosvenor
    Baylor Handbook series
    Exegetical Summaries series from the Summer Institute of Linguistics

    Greek Lexical Works
    Spicq's Theological Lexicon of the New Testament
    Cremer's Biblio-Theological Lexicon (public domain)
    Patristic Greek Lexicon-Lampe
    Concise Dictionary of New Testament Greek-Trenchard
    Souter's Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament (public domain)
    Danker's Concise Lexicon of the Greek New Testament

    Latin Lexica
    Oxford Latin Dictionary.
    Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin-Stelten

    Latin Grammar
    Wheelock's Latin Grammar
    Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin-Collins
    An Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin by HPV Nunn (public domain)

    Miscellaneous Works
    Bullinger's Figures of Speech (public domain)
    Soncino Talmud (or a full-blown Talmud translation, Rodkinson's is not complete nor accurate)
    Mishnah translation (either Danby or Neusner or both)

    Hebrew & Aramaic Lexica
    Jastrow's Dictionalry of the Targumim,
    Jenni and Westermann's Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament
    Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (TDOT)
    Dictionary of Old Testament of Theology and Exegesis
    Girdlestone's Synonym's of the Old Testament

    Hebrew Grammars
    Steinmann's Intermediate Hebrew
    Williams Hebrew Syntax (Ronald J. Williams)
    Van Der Merwe, Naude and Kroeze's A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar
    Davidson's Hebrew Syntax (old and revised editions)
    A Review and Reference Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Horsnell)
    Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax Bill T. Arnold
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