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Thread: What would you like to see in BibleWorks 10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGVH View Post
    We do have such a version already. Use VULM, VUT, or VUM. Then have the Analysis pane open. The morphology is provided for all the words in the verse and, for VULM, a gloss is provided using Whittaker's.
    Sorry for a bit of thread drift here, folks!

    Mark, I don't see VUT or VUM in my installation of BW9 (current version, 9.0.012m.1). I had VUC, VUL, and VUO installed (and I generally use VUL, using VUO only in the Psalms, because it shows the Iuxta Hebraeos rather than the version made from LXX). Your post moved me to check the disc, and there I did indeed find VULM, as well as NOV, the Nova Vulgata, both of which I promptly installed, so that does get me Vulgate morphology (and thanks for that!), but of course the morphology is not searchable.

    However, neither the complete online list of BW9 contents nor the list of bibliographical entries shows any sign VUT or VUM. What are they exactly?
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