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Thread: Share your best tip for student instruction

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    Quote Originally Posted by MortenJensen View Post
    David, could you give a couple of examples on how you use the Ermie?
    Well, as I say, I've really only just begun to discover it, so I don't actually have any examples yet. But I'll bet others here do. (Hint, hint.)
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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    I've added a number of links in my ERMIE over the years, but I have no clue anymore what's mine and what came w/ BW. They had lots of links pre-assigned.
    I'm finding, however, that I'm Zotero for all my bibliographic work these days, and that includes links to web sites.
    If you don't use Zotero, I can't encourage you enough to check it out. It's free. It's multi-platform. I have come to use this nearly daily as a way to organize books, articles, PDFs, and web pages I come across. It's such an outstanding bibliographic tool. I did buy the Scanner for Zotero app for my Droid X, so I'm prepared for when I go to something like the Society of Biblical Literature meeting and can use it for adding books I see to my lists and making notes on them. Zotero also allows for collaboration with the sharing of libraries, so it's one way I share my bibliographies with my students and allow them to add to it. (There are Zotero mobile apps for other platforms too.)
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Professor of Biblical Studies
    Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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