Today I applied "CEB Version Update (9.0.0010p)" which carries the description "This update adds the Apocrypha to the Common English Version (CEB)."

This seemed a little odd, because I already have the CEB Apocrypha.
When I checked the _updstat.txt file it agreed that all but 2 of my CEB files were current. The two exceptions were the CEB.vmf and CEB.vmc, the verse mapping files.

When I compared the new vmf file with the old one (I think that the previous CEB.vmf update was part of update "Verse Map Files (9.0.0009k)" posted 05/03/2012 00:08:02) I discovered interesting changes.
The older one, from a vmf update, had 647 records.
The new one, from this CEB update, has 479 records.
The older one is notable for mapping a lot of stuff to LXT Ode ...
The new one has Jdt and Sip mappings to LXT, which are absent in the older.

Many of the differences involve LXT mappings, but some are for WTT, many for GNT.

The upshot of all this rambling is, if Mark Eddy (or some other knowledgeable person) sees this I'd like an opinion on which of these I should use.