Two Greek font/keyboard questions:

(1) For years (since mid-1990s), I've used Bwgrkl font as my default, go-to way of typing Greek. Now, however, I need to use the unicode Greek characters for a current project. I'm so used to typing fast using the bwgrkl keyboard map that I keep making mistakes using the "Greek Polytonic" keyboard layout through Windows. Is it difficult to remap that keyboard so it matches the keystrokes for Bwgrkl? Or has someone already done this in a way that can be downloaded and installed on a PC? (Btw, I'm using Windows XP, Word 2010, BW 9.)

Also... (2) I'm trying to use a document on a group project that was written using Greek in unicode characters. But for some reason, no diacritical marks are showing up... nor any letter with diacritical marks. I use a PC, Windows XP, Microsoft Word 2010. Another member of the group uses the same setup (except Windows 7 instead of XP) and the Greek text appears correctly with diacritical marks. We can't figure out why it won't on my PC. Any suggestions?

I've attached a jpg screenshot of Rev 1:1 to show the unicode diacritical mark problem.

Thanks in advance,
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