Since using a Mac much more this past year, I've used BibleWorks less, although I still have a used PC laptop that I bought a year ago just for BibleWorks.

I was thrilled to see the Public Preview version come out. When I first saw and used it, though, the interface (it looks like something on a mac a couple of OSs ago) and the lack of full functionality (resizing windows drags "residue" across the screen in the MT-LXX parallel; Archer and Chirichigno is often slow or non-responsive) led me to not use it as much.

But I'm finding there are some features in BibleWorks that I have a hard time doing without, even owning other software--the Use tab, the fact that the LXX+GNT exist together in one version, etc. So I'm looking at it again, but now wondering...

Is there a time frame for when the Mac version is expected to look and feel and act more like the PC version?
Also, are the window resizing issues documented somewhere as known issues? I can send screenshots if need be.

I'd love to see BibleWorks continue to develop this.