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    This may be the wrong place for this. If so I apologize. Could someone tell me how to copy and paste verses in Thai into MS WORD?

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    This is not a BibleWorks questions. The Thai font works fine in the BibleWorks editor. This is a Windows issue. You have to add the Thai language to the list of languages in which you can type in any Windows program. Then it will work in MSWord. It has been a couple years since I added a language, so I do not remember the steps exactly. But if you right click on the language abbreviation (on the icon bar at the bottom right hand side of your desktop, it probably has "EN" right now), Windows will display a "Text Services and Input Languages" window. Click on "Add," and all available Windows languages will display, including Thai. Click on the + sign and my computer displays 6 Thai options. I have never used any, but I suggest trying one then click "OK" and see if this keyboard will let Word display Thai correctly. Following this procedure for Chinese worked for me for that language.
    Mark Eddy

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    Thank You Mark. I will try that..


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