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    My wife and I have packed up our apartment, and will be living the next 6 months out of suitcases in various places. I have brought my BW 9 cds, and though I swear I brought the paper and wrote it down, I cannot find my activation code for the program. I have, in Evernote, all my activation codes and module codes back through BW4. Is there a way for my wife to pull it off the installed program on our laptop? (She currently has it in Mexico, won't see her for 2 weeks, but I've emailed her to see if she can find it somehow.) Or can one of the BW Powers That Be email it to me? I have a pressing need to install it on my current machine I'm on for the next 2 weeks.
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    If your wife has the program installed on her laptop it should be easy. She should go to File | Activate Database. Once that dialog comes up, she should click on the options button. This will allow her to save all active activation codes to a text file, which she can then

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    Two more ways to find activation codes:
    1) If you saved the e-mail which BW support sent you when you purchased the activation codes, you can copy the codes from there and when you go through the activation process while installing BW, it will insert them.
    2) On the computer on which you have BW installed, look in the init folder for all the files with the .acv extension. Your wife can copy those to an e-mail to you, and after you install BW, copy those codes into your init folder. Then go through the activation process.
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