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    Two unrelated questions I'm wondering about, that I'm pretty sure I can explore via BibleWorks 9, but not totally sure how.

    1. I'm curious to see how LXX Isaiah writes about female persons. Is there an easy way to find at once all his uses of "woman," "daughter," feminine verbs when the subjects are human, etc.? I can easily envision just doing a couple separate searches, but is there another way to go here?

    2. I want to look more at verses like, "We love because he first loved us" and "You did not choose me, but I chose you." The theme is something like God's loving/choosing/selecting/etc. us first, before we do anything. Is there any power using trick that can at least get me in the ballpark of lining up some of these verses in once place?

    These questions may be unreasonable things to ask of any Bible software--if so, that's fine. But as I'm continuing to learn more about search capabilities, I am curious what BW (and other Bible softwares, for that matter) can do here.

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    Your parameters are pretty vague, but one thing I've done, especially as in your second example, is to search on Hebrew and Greek lemmas, one at a time, and then import them into the VLM (Verse List Manager) and save each as a VLS file. Then you can combine them, compare them, etc. I have a new version of BOSS coming out (Lord willing) early next year which will greatly facilitate your compare and combine capabilities.

    As an example of what I'm saying, I have searched on the Greek lemma for "predestinate" and then imported that into the VLM, then saved it as a VLS file. Then I do the same with the Greek lemma for "elect/ion" and so forth. The VLM is a very useful tool, and one that I think a lot of users overlook.

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    Regarding your frist question, you can of course do a simple "or" search (command line starts with / ) for the nouns you're interested in. There's really no way to input "human subject" as a search parameter, but you could always search for all feminine verbs, and then tediously go through the list. How many could there be?
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    I think using Louw-Nida domains may be your friend here.
    For the first search, you could use BGM as the search version, limit to Isaiah, then search using this:

    That would get most of the results you want, I think, but it may still miss some. You're basically searching on "Females" (domain 9C), Children (9D), and Persons for whom their is affection (9D). I omitted 9.46 because it includes child / son terms and you will get tons of hits.

    The second question is harder, but the desiring/choosing/loving terms are all in 25A-C. It would at least start limiting things if you added other parameters.
    E.g., again using BGM, search for:
    '<25.43> *10 <25.43>

    This will give you all instances of the 'love' domain where the word occurs twice in a verse separated by up to 10 words.
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    These are great suggestions. Thank you all!

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