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Thread: Easiest way to memorise scripture

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    Default Easiest way to memorise scripture

    Hi Everyone,
    I have published a book on Amazon which has hit the Top 10 under 'Christianity & Education'
    "How to Memorize Bible Verses: The fast and easy way to memorizing scripture"

    However I am not sure how to spread the word in the Christian community about the
    website that goes with it:

    If any one has any ideas at all let me know, as everyone who has listened to the Audio's
    has really appreciated it. I have been told to offer a large margin for affiliates and that
    seems to be helping

    Thank you.

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    A couple of points:

    1. When you signed up to the forum, you agreed that you would not be posting advertising. This is clearly advertising (although well intended).
    2. There is a non-BibleWorks Discussion area where items such as these should be placed, if at all.

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