Dear BW user friend, :}

I have recently purchased BW8 and I am familiarising myself with it's capabilities and possibilites of application.
In paricular I want to produce a word file for the LXX (limited from Genesis to Deuteronomy)version of the Bible. The special feature of this new edition I intend, is the use of color to highlight all the verbs present (from Gen to Deut),(let us say A); in common with the verbs present in the LXX text of Proverbs of Solomon (lets say B) and the Psalms of David (say C). :]

Algibraically, using Boolian logic; this is equal to: A.(B+C) [.AND, +OR]

I have thought about how to do this using BW8 software. I can easilly generate three Inclusion/Exclusion lists of words with the command " *@v* "
and manipulate these with the WLM to produce A.( B+ C).
I have produced these results using the BLM morphological database and generated the search results with the powerful GSE. However, now I want to use the 'Apply Colour to Search Results' feature of BW8 to the Highlighted Hits of the Brother/Companion LXT text as opposed to the morphological database text. How do you do this if its possible?

I am still exploring the BW8 capabilities.

Is it possible to apply color to companion text GNM for the BibleWorks file: complic.qf? :{
Similarly, is it possible to apply color to companion text BNT for the BW file: granshrp.qf?

Never lose faith try again:]