Hi ya,

Utterly new to BW - well in fact before new - I've looked over the promo material and such. I use a Mac. I'd like to consider BW on the Mac as I'm interested in original language stuff. So the two immediate questions :

1. In the Mac Public Preview (MPP ? I guess that's what it means) is one really paying just $31 for a alpha/beta version of a CrossOver/X11 installer AND the entire base BW 9 package ? If it barely worked that would sound like a steal - well I exagerate but still. I presume that the DVDs do not constitute a fully functional Windows BW 9 install that might be used off license on a Windows env. Feel free to ignore that last bit if it seems ill-advised to answer publicly.

2. Once the MPP concludes and the product is production quality what is the plot for those who've been using the MPP ? Is there a requirement to upgrade to the full license (cost ? if known and for publication - trust me I work in software and I know you may know things that for now you may not say - no problem if so) ? I presume the MPP will stop taking refreshes - if it takes any now - see how little I know about BW