BibleWorks has never focused on providing auxiliary reference works--English dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the like--that you find in Logos, for example. The only such works now included are the 1897 Easton's Bible Dictionary, the Fausset Bible Dictionary (1888), and the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915). Helpful at times but certainly not the best...

You can buy various works from WORDsearch to hook into BW, and the IVP Dictionaries are attractive options. The NET Bible notes and the ESV Study Bible notes (in the Verse tab) also provide some help along this line.

It also has always been possible to use the External Links Manager and create hooks into web resources like Wikipedia (for better or worse!). Here's what that setup would look like:
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BUT, if you want something a bit more extensive and can work across your whole system, I just posted about a couple of free programs that you may find helpful:
CleverKeys and WordWeb

Still, on my wish list is that BW would include or make available a modern, one-volume type of Bible dictionary like the HarperCollins one or even its condensed version.