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Thread: Possible New Forums

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    Exclamation spaces in the middle of words...

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie

    ~yrIp's. tAf[] rhE+Z"hi ynIB. hM'heme rtEyOw> WTT Ecclesiastes 12:12

    `rf")B' t[;gIy> hBer>h; gh;l;w> #qe !yae hBer>h;
    Sorry for the tangent to this thread, but I just noticed this:

    Using MSN Explorer, the vowels are causing spaces to be automatically inserted in the text. Haven't checked it with IE or Netscape, though.

    I thought this problem had been fixed? stinky MS & MSN...

    The Hebrew used without vowels appears correctly, btw.
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    Default Wishlist forum

    I know that we have an email that we can send ideas to the arch-programmers, but I have seen some cool ideas have come through on the mailing list. I like seeing the ideas that people have for making BW more useful so a forum would be a fun place to see them.
    It might also be a useful place to have discussions about which Bible version, and other resources we would like to be added into BW.

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    Default I agree about the "ideas thread"

    I completely agree with Mr Beers! There is a lot to be said for having a "think tank" to discuss possible improvements. Also, part of the appeal for me with Bibleworks is that I can actually see (within days sometimes) how user suggestions mold the program into a better tool! Such a thread would continue to confirm my feelings!

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    Default Here's the thread you want...

    Quote Originally Posted by jdarlack
    I completely agree with Mr Beers! There is a lot to be said for having a "think tank" to discuss possible improvements....
    I just created a thread for discussing ideas for future development. Have at it:

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