Soon I will have time to install the full BW9 I purchased. I also have full version BW8 and 5. Since each is standalone, and I'm still trying to get used to the different interface in BW8/9, I want to install all three of them on one computer. However, what I learned from BW8 installation is that I should install BW5 AFTER 8, so they can co-exist side-by side. (Else, the 8's installation wipes out 5's fonts, even when installed to a different directory).

For a different reason, though, I want to first install BW8, apply all its unlock codes, and THEN install Bw9 over 8, even though each is a standalone version (no upgrades). The strategy here is, to avail myself of the many BW8 modules I purchased, and then put the BW9 interface on top of them.

Ergo this query: is this the best way? Or can I just install BW9 solo, then apply all the BW8 unlock codes? Or did the codes change? If the BW8 codes don't 'port' over to BW9, that's okay; then I'll have three versions on one computer, rather than merely two.

Sorry to trouble you with these questions.

If it matters, I'd be installing to XP Pro 32-bit, on a 64-bit hardware architecture, 4 GB RAMM, Intel Xeon quad-core. But I'll want to later repeat the same process, on my VISTA and Win7 Pro machines. I'm the only user (I live alone, no chance of any other user).