I am thinking of upgrading my Bible software and would welcome advice.

My interests are the NT (NA 27) and I am interested in Paul, especially the Authentic and the Pastoral Letters. I am also interested in the Church Fathers, especially the Apostolic Fathers, and am currently studying the Didache.

As well as academic interests I am also interested in the Bible for spiritual/religious reasons. I like to read a chapter daily and pick out one verse that inspires me and look up the use of words and grammar.

In fact I usually use Logos and have purchased many extra resources, but now Logos 8 is being discontinued.

I have several problems about using BW to the full, but these are for another time.

Should I do nothing? Upgrade BW 8 only? Upgrade Logos 4 only? Upgrade both?

I have looked at the thread "BW 9 vs Logos 4", started by rpbrecht on 08-29-2012, and "BW vs Logos vs Accordance Interface", started by Lee on 05-03-2010.

Can I get a code to reduce the cost of upgrading BW 8?

I use a Dell PC with Microsoft Windows 7.

I have:
BibleWorks 8 (8.0.020e.2 , Standard Edition). Cost to upgrade to BW 9 $159.

Logos 4.6a SR-2 ( Original Language JG). Cost to upgrade to Scholar's Library, Bronze, $267.
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