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Thread: Freqncy co;unt for "NOT" search

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    Default Freqncy count for "NOT" search

    In doing some translation comparison of טוֹב between KJV and a Korean Bible, it is discovered that freqency count is not given for ".!good@02896" search in the following verses: 1Sa 9:2, 1Ki 8:66, 2Ch 7:10, Est 8:5, Ecc 7:1,8,14, where "(!good) <02896>" occurs twice in every verse, although טוֹבָה (ncfs) is not given a separatre Strong's Numbeer as can be seen in 1Ki 8:66, 2Ch 7:10, and Ecc 7:14.

    Wouldn't it be nice, though, if the freqency count is given in certain cases of "NOT or !" search, as in this one?
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