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    I know 3 years ago a similar discussion was held on this topic, but I cannot find it in the knowledge base or in my searches. And I've completely forgotten how to search the way I am wanting to for this current exegetical project I'm working on.

    Does anyone have a tutorial on how to go beyond the BGM search into other Jewish Greek lit and combine it all into one project? I'm particularly interested in exploring Apocryphal use, Pseudepigraph, and other Jewish Greek authors like Philo & Josephus. Also the early Church fathers in Greek...basically anything I can get my hands on in BW that's from 300 BC to 250 AD or so for broader word use studies. And I like to have a good English version handy to jog my vocab for Greek or help me see how it's translated by someone else. I had figured this out 3 years ago but for the life of me I cannot remember how to do this!

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    Under the command line click on the far left of the three buttons. It will list your current search version.
    From the drop-down list click on "Choose Search Version". Make sure one of your Greek databases is chosen as the search version. Then below the list of languages will be an arrow for a drop down list. From that list click on "Search and Display All Same Language Versions". And click the OK button.
    If you make all the Greek versions display versions, you will see all the Bible versions together in the browse window. Also add one English version to the display versions, if you want to make a sort of interlinear.
    Now do your search, and you will see a "Cross Version Search Results" box. On the "Cross Version Search Results" box click on the version you want to see. Your non-biblical versions (Apostolic Fathers, Josephus, Philo, Pseudepigrapha, and any user databases you may have) will not display in the same browse window as the biblical versions. (Michael Hanel has made a number of classical databases available on the unofficial BibleWorks blog, if you want some more Greek to wade through--not all of them have morphology versions or translations through.)
    If you want to look quickly at non-biblical Greek and not lose your place in the Bible, you can make separate tabs for those 4+ other databases. Or you could look at one or more of the other Greek databases in secondary browse windows.
    I have been doing what you want to do for many years. And once you get used to clicking on the right version in the Cross Version Search Results window for the right tab (the active one), it works pretty smoothly.
    Mark Eddy
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