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Thread: Temporary App or Real Deal

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    Default Temporary App or Real Deal

    Bibleworks being only for Windows has been one of the major reasons I haven't moved to a mac. Is this Preview a "temporary" fix to get BW working on OS X until an actual native application is written? If not, will this "port" eventually match the Windows version 100%?


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    Hi Michael,

    We want it to be fully functional and are continuing with compatibility development. We're not planning on dropping it. We can't control whether Apple might one day make a change that breaks everything, but there doesn't seem to be any reason to expect that to happen.

    I will emphasize that if you want full functionality/compatibility right now on a Mac, you should use a VM. The performance is excellent on current Macs. Of course, you can try the BW9 MPP for $6 before going the VM route.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default BW on Mac

    It runs well. And the price is hard to beat! Take the plunge.

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