I am seriously pondering the purchase of a Windows 8 Tablet. I'm looking at February or March as a possible purchase date. (By that time, I expect, they will have had time to deal with the initial bugs and bug reports.) But I had a couple of questions:

1. Is there/will there be a special module of BibleWorks that is designed especially for Windows 8 Tablets?

2. I'm guessing that, just like the earlier Netbooks and the current iPad and Android Tablets, Windows 8 Tablets will not come with optical drives (CD/DVD Rom). Will there be the capability to download the BibleWorks application (as well as additionally purchased modules) from the BibleWorks website?

3. I'm hoping, assuming, and believing that if someone has a license to BibleWorks 9, they will not have to purchase an additional copy for use on a Windows 8 Tablet. Am I correct in my assumption?

Grateful for any helpful info.