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Thread: How often the LXX translates and MT word a certain way

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    Default How often the LXX translates an MT word a certain way

    Hi, everyone,

    Is there a way (other than a manually going through search results of a Hebrew lemma) to see how often the LXX uses a given word to render a Hebrew word in the MT?

    I know Muraoka's two-way index has something like this, but I'd be curious to know precisely how often, for example, the LXX uses καρδία to render לֵבָב. (as opposed to using other words) I also know there are other issues at hand, like what text the LXX translator had in front of them, theologically motivated translation, etc., but I'm asking just about the text as it stands (in BibleWorks).

    I'm assuming with the BGT, WTT, and Tov MT-LXX Parallel, something like this is easy and right under my nose... right?
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