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Thread: Louw and Nida Domain Frequencies

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    Default Louw and Nida Domain Frequencies


    Is there a way for BW to compile a frequency table of all of the semantic domains within a Bible book? For example, have BW categorize all of the nouns in 1 Thessalonians according to their LW category and then tally the results: 10 occurrences in #35 Help, Care for, 8 in #38 Punish, Reward, 5 in #20 Violence, Harm, Destroy, Kill, etc. This could be helpful in producing a quick thematic grid of a book. Thanks.

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    I can kind of see what you are after, but your results would only be proximate. (It only takes a negative to make helping into not helping!)
    If I understand your question correctly, you would like to see the relative frequency of hits within a given semantic domain as compared to other domains. I suppose this would let you see if a book talks more about people (#9) or supernatural beings (#12), about helping (#35) or harming (#20).
    AFAIK, there is no way to run a single search and have all 93 domains sorted out. You can, of course, easily run a search on each domain. (In case you don't know, choose a Greek morphological version, then right-click in the command line, choose "insert L-N domain code," choose and insert the code, and then run the search. I'm guessing you did figure this out since you were coming up with the correct hits for the domains you used as examples.)

    Some options:
    • Use the Stats pane: After you run your search, activate the Stats pane. If you are just looking at a single book, you can just use # of hits. If you want to see how frequently it occurs, choose %hits in book/words in book. (Use the first dropdown box to make the change.) Further, click on the green Options button and note that you can choose the detail level--book, chapter, verse--to better see what's going on.
    • Also, if you want to compare 2 or more domain usages, you can either run a separate search in separate tabs and then toggle through your tabs, or, you can click on the green Options button and choose to open a new stats window. I don't know that there is any limit on the number of such windows you can open.
    • Further, it might be more useful to compare how often 1Thes refers to helping as compared to 2Thes. Just set your limits before starting your search and use %hits in book/words in book in the Stats pane.
    • Another way to store and organize your results is to use the Verse List Manager. After each search, just import the results and then save the verse list.
    • If Adelphos is still checking out this forum, he had been working on a "Bible Organizer Study Suite" (BOSS) that might simplify the kind of work you are wanting to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MGVH View Post
    If Adelphos is still checking out this forum, he had been working on a "Bible Organizer Study Suite" (BOSS) that might simplify the kind of work you are wanting to do.
    I'm actually trying to finish up 2.0. There are many enhancements and new stuff, but I don't have a release date. Hopefully not too far off. It will be far superior to 1.0.

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