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Hello Andrew,

I personnally would hold off on uninstalling Parallels. The new version has made notable improvements over the setup BW9 + Crossover as a separate install (I've had that on my mac book pro since the spring), but I think you'd still miss some of the features you may be used to working with through Parallels. I've been using both concurrently as of late, and more and more the new version. But there are still some kinks that would need to be worked out before I make a total change.

If I'm running my mac on battery power, the new version is the only one that's open, as Windows really sucks up battery life. My take on the situation, though, is that it doesn't totally replace using Parallels. Not yet, anyway! You should probably install both and see what you can and can't do with the IOS one only, then make a decision based on that.

Donald Cobb
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how is parallels bw better than Mac one?