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Thread: Running the BW9 Mac Public Preview

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    Default Running the BW9 Mac Public Preview

    This forum is dedicated to discussion of the BibleWorks Mac Installer. From our testing, the BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer runs what 98% of our users use. There are known bugs with it, and these are documented and in queue for repair.

    Users who need 100% full compatibility and functionality are encouraged to run in a VM (like Parallels, VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox) or to dual-boot. For details on the various options for Mac users, please consult this dedicated page:

    Grateful for your support and interest,

    The BibleWorks Team

    The list below applies only to BibleWorks 9. Many of the issues below are fixed in BibleWorks 10.

    Known Issues in BW9 Mac Public Preview

    • Editor Tab, Notes Tab, and all RTF controls: RTL typing in Unicode Hebrew not working
    • Lack of sizing borders and sizing thumb overlapping other controls
    • RTF tables in Editor and Notes Tabs
    • Text-to-Speech not working
    • Some ERMIE functionality unstable
    • The Customize Toolbar window for the main button bar, editor button bar, and notes button bar does not display buttons.
    • Help | Getting Started: Click How-to Videos or main video. Click Back button. Crash
    • Mss Tab: in verses like Gal 3:13, 3:14, Mat 1:1, etc. the text comparison window doesn't show all of the columns on the right when scrolled
    • Phrase Matching Tool and Related Verses Tool:using BGM, Gen 3:9, no words are highlighted in the main text window (a RichEdit control)
    • KWIC window update problem: enter BGT, act, qeos hit return. Verse list loads. Enter BGM, act, qeos, hit return. The Verse list is not updated (should have lemma@XX text), but scrolling down and then up shows the new text. Clicking in word list logos@na, then pathr@na also does not correctly update the Verse list.
    • CHM: Javascript/CSS toolbar not placed properly (Resources | Background | Rodkinson). See bottom of screen on pages. HTML css formatting not showing.
    • Editor, Notes: Copying or pasting large amounts of text (e.g. 200KB) to clipboard does not display hourglass cursor and takes a very long time. Crashes when pasting in 600KB.
    • Editor, Notes: Copying large amounts of text (e.g. 200KB) to clipboard with Ctl-C does not work, but doing a copy from the context menu (two-finger tap) does copy the same data.
    • Printer support (Editor, Flashcards, Diagrammer): Job is trapped in print queue and requires manual intervention/login (Printer is network printer requiring auth.). Blank pages: After further investigation we noticed that it's relying on EM_SETTARGETDEVICE and EM_FORMATRANGE to print from the rich edit control.
    • Submenus: Large submenus obscure the parent menu and make it challenging to navigate to other items in the parent menu.
    • CHM: Clipboard copy does not copy RTF version or HTML to clipboard. Need to support font and table layout (e.g. Wallace-ESNT clipboard samples).
    • InstallShield: Opening parent folders in the treeview (like German Bibles, English Bibles, etc.) opens the treeview, but scrolls to bottom of the entire treeview.
    • Tools | Interface settings | BW Keyboard, KB button on Notes & Editor Tabs: Error message displays, keyboard window displays erroneous button text for English. Displays error message for Greek, Hebrew, etc.
    • Help | Getting Started sized too small
    • Getting Started window opens under the main window on startup
    • Resources Tab: Under Lexicons or Grammars or References, when you select an item and click the rocker buttons (to set the order), focus jumps to the previous item
    • Browse Window | Br. Win Options | New Browse Window is hidden
    • Main Window, Editor Tab, Notes Tab: No popup hints on button bar
    • Many floating windows (Parallel Hebrew and LXX, CL Tools | GSE, KWIC, Browse Window | Br. Win Options | Word Analysis windows) show a Windows caption bar in addition to the Mac caption bar when first opened during a session
    • Words Tab: If active on startup, slowly reloads several times. If not active on startup and clicked, loads quickly.
    • Popup Copy window: Ctl-shift-b doesn't work in OS X
    • Browse Window selection glitch: Select text, right-click, hover to open Copy Selected Text submenu, click on parent menu Copy Select Text menuitem. Menu closes and selection is unselected. (should stay selected and menus should stay open)
    • Parallel Hebrew and LXX | Search for Hebrew-LXX Equivalents: resizing window leaves garbage on screen
    • Lexicon Browser, Louw-Nida Lexicon: redraw problem
    • MSS Tab: Options | Copy Image File to Clipboard does not work
    • Browse Window: Dragging Selected text from Browse Window into Notes window not working (ban cursor appears). Same with dragging from Verse Tab and CHMs.
    • Editor, Notes: Copying transliterated Hebrew (in BWTrans font) to clipboard does not retain BWTrans tags.
    • Notes and Editor Tabs: first click on the expand button bar button does not properly expand the toolbar
    • Toolbars: No popup tips appear when mouse hovers over buttons
    • CHM/HTML/JS: mouseover thumbnails in ESVSB, ___, etc. does not execute JS to auto-expand image
    • CHM: Save window size; Make initial CHM size 30% larger
    • Display/searching issues with Arabic, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Slavonic. For Arabic/Japanese/Korean, setlocale() on "Arabic", "Korean", and Japanese" fail and so they do not appear as available Bible versions. Under Lion: Chinese,Cyrillic, Lithuanian,Thai,Turkish have display issues.
    • Editor: selecting and dragging down to the bottom of the window should auto-scroll the window without having to wiggle the cursor continually.
    • Mss Tab: Program crashes when opening, resizing, closing HTML viewer (static and dynamic) on Mat 1:1.
    • Analysis Tab: mousing over a version ID in the Browse Window produces bolded text in the AW.
    • Word List Manager: Building lexicon (File | Make Lexicon) doesn't display hourglass cursor
    • DGM panes, CNTTS search window text pane: Wheel support
    • Resource Tab: Entry for WTT, Deu 7:10, ???????? has garbage in TWOT entry (under XP)

    Repaired 2013-05-08
    • Editor Tab, Notes Tab, and all RTF controls: RTL typing in non-Unicode Hebrew fixed
    • Video crash fixed

    Repaired 2013-04-26
    • Browse Window Crash: Moving mouse over version id for hon, jam, nab, ope, opg, opm, otp, phe, phi, phm, qbe, and rod causes crash when mouse next moves over another version id.
    • Search Window crash:BGT search for “.ton”, Click gen 1 1, Wtt, Scroll search results and click Rev 20:10, Crash (msg beep?)
    • CL morphology helper not forwarding keys to Command Line: WTM [ret] .dbr@ || Typing n or p or x should copy the keystroke to the CL. Focus is jumping to the dropdown menu instead of the CL. Same for BGM, SCM, etc.
    • Mss tab: zoom 50%, mousing over a verse reference tag pops up the verse, but the image under the verse popup is not redrawn when the verse disappears. Same redraw problem when menus or context menus are opened over the image area, and when other windows are moved over the image.
    • Hebrew in RTF, HTML controls: a) Unicode Hebrew vowel points and accents not aligned with consonants in all RTF controls, and all HTML controls (e.g. all CHMs, Daily Light, Editor, Notes, PMT, RVT, Verse Tab, Mss HTML Viewer). See also NET bible CHM in gen 1:1; b) highlighted Hebrew words are displayed out of order; c) English verse reference displayed out of order (See Phrase Matching Tool using WTM, Gen 1:1). d) Help | Daily Light | Greek/Hebrew: All of the September entries have garbage for the first (last) Hebrew word. e) Also the Hebrew vowel pointing is not correctly aligned; f) Garbaged char in NET Hos 1:4, fn 19. g) Selecting mixed English and Hebrew blanks out areas of the text j) Copying selected search result for WTT from the Search Window to the Editor (notes window) cuts off the first character of the verse when right justified. k) The same thing happens when you hit "return" when the cursor is in the little biblical passage selection window in the Notes Tab toolbar. "Return" pastes the passage into the notes area, but cuts off the first letter of the passage when right justified. L) loading Gen 12:4 into Editor produces garbage character after pressing return (See video)
    • Browse Window: With Verse Tab open, when I clicking that verse up/down button in the Browse window, the Verse Tab does not update until I press it a *second* time (or, it advances the Verse Tab more than one verse). Also in multi-version mode in the Browse Window, the verse up/down button stays DOWN after it is clicked.
    • Verse Tab: In CNTTS click on link to anchor further down on page, click the left arrow (back) button. Crash. (also note the link had to be clicked twice before registering)
    • Printer support: Crashes when called in Editor. From Flashcards and Diagrammer, job is trapped in print queue and requires manual intervention/login (Printer is network printer requiring auth.)
    • Minimized window can't be restored by clicking the main icon in the Dock or Launchpad
    • Use Tab: With Use Tab active, click Version radio button. Move mouse over Browse Window text. The Use Tab updates for the first word under the mouse, but not subsequent words.
    • Large dropdown listboxes: With Browse Window in JOS, Jwr, when you click on the verse dropdown, the listbox is not placed onscreen.
    • Related Verses Tool and Phrase Matching Tool, Xref tab: all of the drop down lists (when opened) are sized too small (should be as large as the window) and no scrollbars appear
    • Large HTML pages take very long time to load e.g. In CHM files, large HTML pages take very long time to load (see Resources | Background | Rodkinson)
    • Editor, Notes: Pasting selected text from the Editor into Word produced inverse coloring in Word. Copy NAU Rom 8:2-3 from Browse Window to Editor tab, then from Editor tab to Mac Word. Also occurs with Notes tab.
    • CHM: the toolbar Back and Forward buttons do not always work

    Repaired 2012-10-03

    • Clicking on MS symbols in CNTTS Apparatus in Verse Tab does not follow link.
    • CHM TOC: In CHMs like Hebrew Paradigms and others, clicking TOC entries does not jump to #anchors. See also jumping from outside (set CL to WTT, psa 50:3, Click Resource Tab, click Gesenius Ref: Psa 50:2-3. Should Open the CHM to the Ps 5:03 reference, but instead opens to top of page)
    • Resources | Aramaic | Reymond: Clicking any chapter in TOC causes crash
    • Help | Getting Started | Click to View Video does nothing; BibleWorks How-to Videos (and Help | How-to videos) crashes
    • Install on Mountain Lion prompts for xQuartz
    • Map Mac Command-Q to File | Exit BibleWorks (Windows Alt-F4)
    • Tools | Options | Fonts | CHM font size, esnt.chm should query program and set font size accordingly

    MT/Updated 4/26/2013
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    I think I may have found this before you intended. Oops. But, this news will make a lot of people VERY happy.
    Michael Hanel
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    I'm confused. Is this an actual announcement that Bibleworks is actually coming out with a true native Mac version? Not one that works with Parallels,VMWare Fusion, Crossover, etc? It seemed like just a few weeks ago Michael was saying they would consider it, presumably b/c Accordance is releasing a Windows version. I totally support & applaud the move if it's coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soxfan23 View Post
    I'm confused. Is this an actual announcement that Bibleworks is actually coming out with a true native Mac version? Not one that works with Parallels,VMWare Fusion, Crossover, etc? It seemed like just a few weeks ago Michael was saying they would consider it, presumably b/c Accordance is releasing a Windows version. I totally support & applaud the move if it's coming
    It's a real announcement.

    The native Mac version of BibleWorks runs on OS X using customized compatibility libraries by CodeWeavers. It runs directly on OS X without a virtual machines or machine instruction emulation.
    I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about it soon. According to the BW Facebook page, they were going to announce it officially today, but then found a few snags they wanted to fix. Technically I think this post was supposed to be hidden, but you can get to it from the BW official webpage.
    Michael Hanel
    PhD candidate Classics Univ. of Cincinnati
    MDiv Concordia Seminary
    MA Classics Washington University
    Unofficial BibleWorks Blog

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    I just tried to download and install the Preview version of the "native" Mac version and it is far from a native mac version. Its using X11 which is virtualization. I hope this is a case of confusion on the part of what constitutes a "native Mac app" on the part of BibleWorks. Running in X11 is not native at all. I understand that its costly to start over and code a truly native mac app that does all of the advanced features of Bibleworks, but please don't advertise this as native as Mac users like myself will respond quite negatively to what you're actually offering in this preview.
    Dr. Kevin Purcell I am a BW9 User!
    Columnist for Christian Computing Magazine
    See my personal blog at
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    Hi Kevin,

    We've tried to be very clear about what the new Mac version is and is not. The BibleWorks 9 executable is running natively. It runs on compatibility libraries. These libraries do not involve virtualization and do not involve bytecode emulation. They truly are running native. The X11 libraries which they use are native code libraries and even shipped with OS X (from Leopard through Lion, I believe). I think in Mountain Lion, Apple chose not to include the X11 libraries, but they should automatically install with the Mac Public Preview installer and were shipped with OS X in Lion. If they are not automatically installed in Mountain Lion, that is an error and we will address it.

    I've also added this sentence to the Mac page: "The underlying technology uses WINE and xQuartz libraries."

    From our perspective the compatibility libraries could use some optimization to make them faster, and we plan to address that in future updates.

    I hope that makes sense. We're certainly not trying to mislead anyone (that wouldn't help us or our users). The Mac Public Preview is released at no additional cost as another option for our Mac users to try.


    P.S. If you all have suggestions that would better describe the Mac version let us know!
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    Default Rv 3

    Is there a cost to secure rv 3. My dvds have 1.0 on them. Wouldn't everyone who upfraded initially need to secure the rv 3?
    Unfortunately, there is a cost (about $25 for the set). If you are daring and don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can make rev. 1 and 2 DVDs work, but don't recommend it unless you are comfortable with the following steps:

    1. Download and run the installer from the Mac page.
    2. Install BW9 from your BW9 DVDs. You will get a SmartHeap error at the end, and the program will not run.
    3. After the installation from DVD is done, open Finder.
    4. Hold Option and select Go | Library.
    5. Go to Library | Application Support | BibleWorks |Bottles | Bibleworks | drive_c | Program Files | BibleWorks 9
    6. Download
    7. Paste the contents of the zip file into that folder. You must overwrite the existing files.
    8. You should now be able to run.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Kudos

    Thanks, Michael, for this help for those who have version 1. I did get my hands dirty - and it installed!
    It looks beautiful on my Mac screen and is working better than you promised. I am so appreciative of what you guys have done
    that I am sending a small check to BW in the mail tomorrow. Thanks again.


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    Default Upgrade Options

    For those of us already using BW9 and there a way to upgrade our installation to the new preview rather than doing a fresh install? Don't mind the new install...but I've got a nicely personalized copy and don't quite remember all the tweaks that went into it.

    Thanks....what a great October surprise!
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    What about those who don't own an optical drive. Many Macs today come without one. I've long ago copied my BW 9 installer discs to a folder on my backup drive and I install this way using Parallels. However, I can't make this work since this tool requires disks. Any other ways for us to install other than buying an optical drive?
    Dr. Kevin Purcell I am a BW9 User!
    Columnist for Christian Computing Magazine
    See my personal blog at
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