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I'm thrilled to hear that BW will be supporting BW on Mac using Crossover/WINE. This is not because I'm a Mac user, but a Linux user who has been running BW under WINE for years It's always worked, and worked pretty well, but a number of features have been unavailable using WINE. I'm really hoping that since BW will be developed for Mac using Crossover/WINE that this will have some implications for running BW under Linux using Crossover. I would think that if you're going to put the work into getting BW running well under Crossover for Mac, that this would mean most (or all) of these benefits would manifest themselves for those trying to run BW under Linux. I realize that you will probably not release an official Linux version using Crossover, but I think it would be really great if better Linux compatibility showed up as a side effect of tweaking BW to run on Mac via Crossover/WINE. Can anyone confirm?
My curiosity about running BW on Linux continues to grow especially since I found out about the Crosstie installer for BW under codeweavers.


I don't have experience using the crosstie system, but I'm assuming a crosstie will work under Linux as it would on Mac. Any thoughts? Now that the native BW version for Mac is being developed using Crossover Office, will the separate Crosstie installer be maintained? Please say yes, because this would most likely give Linux users the Mac benefits. I haven't yet upgrade to BW 9, and since the crosstie is for BW9 I can't test any of this out, but I'm hoping.