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Thread: 9/25/2013 Test version posted: Adjust font size in Verse Tab and CHM/module windows

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    Default 9/25/2013 Test version posted: Adjust font size in Verse Tab and CHM/module windows

    Good news! We have a test installer which allows you to adjust the text size in HTML windows. To try it out, follow these steps:

    1. Download the test installer here:
    2. Run the BibleWorks 9 Mac Installer dmg that you just downloaded.
    3. It will instruct you to drag and copy the BibleWorks package to the OS X Applications folder. Click on the BibleWorks icon in the window and drag it onto the Applications folder in the window. When it says “An item named BibleWorks already exists...” , select Replace.
    4. Once the update is finished installing, close the installer window.
    5. Run BibleWorks as usual. After BibleWorks has fully started, you should see (MCW 9r3-15) in the lower left corner.
    6. Apply the latest EXE patch.

    To adjust test size in a Verse Tab window or a CHM/module window, click on the window text and adjust the text size by holding down the Control key and rolling the mouse wheel (alternately, you can hold down the control key and slide two finger tips on the touchpad to accomplish the same thing).
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    Default Great job!

    This will be a great help in using the ESV Study Bible and others tools under the verse tab. Couple comments from my first usage:
    1. At first I was seeing the whole screen getting magnified rather than only the fonts in the Verse Tab when doing Control+2finger push. Turned out in System Preferences/Accessibility I checked "Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom". Once that got turned off, the new fix worked perfectly in changing the font size alone. So if you see this phenomenon, check your accessibility setting under System Preferences.

    2. As the fonts gets larger, the line spacing can cause some overlap. For example in ESV Study Bible, the top line "ESV Study Bible Contents" will wrap around to a second line, and overlap with the following passage.

    Regardless of this minor nick-picking, I am really grateful for this enhancement.


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    I responded in another thread, but just to add my thanks and appreciation here, as well.

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