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Thread: Syriac Peshitta

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidR View Post
    Thanks, Jim, for doing all this work! I have a couple of comments and questions.

    Regarding the issue in Mat 2:10, PES "XDW&. RB&." vs. PEH "XDWT) RBT)", the script and font that has been (regrettably, IMHO) chosen for PES has a special siglum for word-final taw alpha, which is a very common combination in feminine nouns and adjectives. CCAT is representing this with &, corresponding to T) in square Hebrew/Aramaic script.
    I don't have any documentation of what CCAT is supposed to use in this case; I am simply reporting what I found. I exported the PEH (square Hebrew font) version in CCAT format. I then compiled a new version PES2 using that PEH exported file without any modifications to that file. In the PES2 .ddf file I specified the same BW font as is used for PES (Bhwheba (PEH uses the default Hebrew font, which I think is Bwhebb)). For the following screen shot I double clicked on the highlighted word in PES2 to highlight it, and search for that form. I then moused over that same word in PES, which I displayed immediately under PES2, to show the popup and the Analysis Tab content for that word. It certainly looks to me like both the popup "Form" and the Analysis Tab "Form" agree with my PES2, using the CCAT for PEH (square font), rather than PES. Notice that in the command line the form searched for looks decidedly odd, but it did find the right verses.
    Is the popup/Analysis Tab Form incorrect?

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    When you say that you "have now compiled a PES3 version, using the CCAT exported PES file," I don't quite follow. This is the file used for the PES version, yes? What did you do in this file to get it looking as it does in your screenshot? Did you simply do a bulk replace of "DY$W+." with "DY$W(."? That should do the trick--partially. This is the name "Jesus" with the multipurpose particle d- prefixed to it. What's really needed is simply to replace "Y$W+." as such with "Y$W(." -- AFAIK there is no word "yšuṭ" that would accidentally get obliterated by doing this.
    I made absolutely no change to the exported CCAT PES file. My screen shot did not display PES3, because it was no different in appearance from PES. The reason I created PES3 was to confirm my hypothesis that there was something in the original file BW used to create PES that allows the special Magiera popups and Analysis Tab content, and that that special something was not in the file the BW exports for PES version.

    I did not answer either of your questions. I hope my additional comments are useful -- I expect this conversation will need to continue, but I don't want to make this post any more complicated than it already is.


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    Jim, just the quickest reply to say I saw your post, but we have a big church event this weekend and it'll be Monday or so till I can actually answer. Thanks for giving your effort to this.
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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